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Thank you Newgrounds

Posted by lizbeth490021 - January 25th, 2020

I had to think about this for a bit and I thought perhaps this might be the best way. I think I just needed to thank somebody on this site somehow.

Yesterday one of my illustrations got on the front page of Newgrounds and I just want to say thank you. It's only been like... a few days or less than a week? About a week? Well, it's been only such a short time since I joined Newgrounds, and my work has been received pretty well so far and I just want to show my sincere gratitude. I don't actually know how hard it is to get featured on the front page or how that happens, but I'm still happy and grateful.

Thank you thank you, and thank you to everyone who's been viewing, rating, commenting on my work, faving and following me already. I really appreciate it.


I just did some light research and found out the admins or Tom Fulp himself picks the work that gets to be featured on the front page so I messaged him and thanked him.

I mean, I'm aware the stats on my work at the moment is not like astronomical, but I still really am just grateful and happy with the faves, views, reviews/ratings and followers I've already received.




Post more art! Draw the metal man!

lol I really appreciate your interest in my work.

Most of the time I'm working on comic pages, which are posted on my website or Webtoons/Tapas. I'm most active on Twitter where I repost my work to grow my audience. My most frequent updates with newest content are on Patreon for $5+ patrons.

I really do want to make more illustrations/animations, but I think of that as interrupting my progress with comic pages. I will definitely do more illustrations/animations in the future though. Thank you again.